High Quality Italian sorbets

Only the juices and the pureas of the best fruit

Fresh and refreshing

Unprecedented and smart design

Sorbetto Sorbole

SORBOLE!” is the typical expression that we, Italians of Emilia region, use in a colloquial and confidential way to express surprise or each time we are positively touched by something happening around us in our daily life.

And it is just this way, also by taking advantage of the assonance of words, that we decided to name our new range of delicious sorbets. Because we like to imagine that this is the expression that anyone will utter, each one in his/her own language or dialect of belonging, after having tasted the first spoon, perhaps squinting and being transported on a journey that leads to the warm sun, the blue sea and the fragrant scents of Mediterranean atmospheres.

Sorbole is fresh and refreshing, prepared only and exclusively with puree or fruit juice in high percentage, water, sugar… and right after frozen. Just as each of us would prepare it in the own kitchen to offer as refreshing dessert on a hot Mediterranean Summer afternoon or, why not, a sweet and unexpected end of a meal, excellent for example after eating fish.

Just like we usually do in Italy.

Italian style within the reach of your freezer, all year round.

All sorbets belonging to the Sorbole range show these features:

  • gluten free
  • no flavourings
  • dairy free
  • fat free
  • no colourings
  • no preservatives

…never eaten before?