Mango sorbet, prepared with the 32% of mango puree.

Mango is not just a delicious fruit, it is also a kind of food with significant nutrient properties. Some of the most widespread and most consumed varieties are grown in Mexico, Peru and Ecuador.

The mango is the fruit of the plant Mangifera indica which belongs to the family of the Anacardiaceae.

The plant is native to Asia where it seems to have been cultivated as early as 4,000 years ago. Today mango is grown in almost all tropical countries and is available throughout the year.

The mango has an oval and elongated shape and can weigh up to one kilogram. The skin can be red, yellow, green or a color that encloses all 3 of these colors, the pulp is orange-yellow.

The largest mango producing continent is Asia, India in particular holds the record of major producer. The best known mango varieties are: Haden, Keitt, Tommy Atkins and Kent, but there are many more and it seems that in India have been cataloged about 400 species

It belongs to the same family as pistachios and cashews.

It also seems to be an excellent remedy against insomnia. Some sources say that consuming mango before going to bed helps to reconcile and it is almost like a sleeping pill.

According to Indian beliefs, mango symbolizes life and is therefore used in almost all the sacred rituals of the country.

Sweet fruits like mango contain a lot of sugar and should therefore be consumed in moderation. This type of sugar, however, is different from the one processed industrially because it is balanced by fiber and other nutrients.

In some parts of the world it is called king of the fruits.

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    • Name: The recipe of Mango sorbet
    • Intro:

      Mango sorbet is a fresh, Summer and light dessert, a delicious way to cool off and rehydrate without guilt.

      Easy to prepare at any time. A single precaution however: do not forget to use a very ripe mango because if it is tough or unripe it will not taste good.

    • Ingredients:
      • 300 g of mango puree
      • 200 ml of water
      • 100 g of sugar
      • 1 lemon
    • Method:

      Wash the mango, peel it and obtain 300g of pulp. Cut it into pieces and blend with a minipimer using 40 ml of water in order to obtain a creamy mixture. Meanwhile in a pan, put the water and the sugar, bring to boil and then let it simmer for 3 or 4 minutes.

      Add the lemon zest, put the lid on and leave to infuse for an hour. Mix the sugar syrup and the mango pulp, put everything into the fridge and let it cool for a few hours.

      Put the mixture in an aluminum pan and place it into the freezer. Stir every two hours for a few hours. Blend it in the mixer and serve.