PGI Sicilian Lemon

PGI Sicilian lemon sorbets, prepared with 25% of organic Sicilian lemon juice.

This is one of the three flavours of our product range made with pure Sicilian citrus fruit juice and strictly linked to the historical Sicilian tradition of sorbet making. They are all prepared with real 100% organic fruit juice from the historic Campisi farm near the beautiful city of Syracuse and whose juice is guaranteed in every moment thanks to the supply chain traceability.

The PGI Syracuse lemon is the fruit belonging to the Syracusan feminine cultivar which is the most representative cultivar of Italy and produces three blooms: the primofiore (from October to March), the bianchetto (from April to June) and the verdello (from July in September).

The lemon tree has origins in Burma, where it is found in the wild: from here it crossed the Middle East, Mesopotamia, Palestine, up to the Mediterranean, where it found the optimal conditions for its development.

It began to be intensively cultivated in the Syracuse area since the seventeenth century, thanks to the work of the Jesuit Fathers, expert cultivators. The lemon then became one of the main sources of subsistence of the territory. The success of this cultivation caused the birth, in Sicily, of various citrus farms.

Despite the phenomena of urbanization and industrialization that took place after the Second World War, the lemon culture was anything but abandoned by the Syracusan territory, and still represents a very important economic reality: Syracuse is considered, in qualitative and quantitative terms, a point of reference for the fresh product both on the Italian market and on the European markets. On 3rd February 2011 the denomination "lemon of Syracuse" was entered in the Register of Protected Geographical Indications (PGI).

The PGI Syracuse lemon is characterized by a high content in juice and by the richness of oil glands in the peel, as well as for the high quality of essential oils. The Syracusan lemon variety is called a feminine because of the remarkable fertility of the plant, which is re-flowering. All cultivation operations must be performed in such a way that the right balance and development of the plant is maintained, which must always be subjected to proper aeration and exposure to the sun. The harvest of the fruits is manual and is carried out directly from the plant, with the aid of scissors for cutting the peduncle.

Thanks to its qualitative characteristics, the lemon from Syracuse is also used in areas other than the marketing of fresh fruit; they concern, in particular, the food, medical-scientific, cosmetic and perfumery sectors, which procure essential juices and oils through processing companies.

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    • Name: The recipe of PGI Sicilian lemon sorbet
    • Intro:

      Lemon sorbet, a sweet half or end of a meal. Creamy, fresh and easy to prepare, "add vodka or limoncello" or drink it smooth...

    • Ingredients:
      • 250 ml of lemon juice
      • 250 ml of water
      • 100 ml of sugar syrup
    • Method:

      Always choose untreated and large lemons. If you want you can also combine the grated rind inside your lemon sorbet.

      Blend the lemon (if you want with the peel) and add it to the lemon juice.

      Add the lemon juice (and if you also want the grated rind) to the sugar syrup and stir.

      Put the mixture in the mold of ice cubes and put in the freezer for about 2-3 hours then take them out and blend them in the blender for a few minutes.

      You can prepare the lemon sorbet in the version you want and at the end you can serve it smooth or with limoncello or with vodka depending on your taste.
      You can also add lemon zest to sorbet and also mint leaves.