Raspberry sorbet, prepared with 40% of raspberry puree.

The raspberry plant, scientific name Rubus idaeus, is a shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family and it is native to Europe. Its fruits are globose, red / pink and covered with a very fine down.

Raspberries are commonly found in the woods or in the hilly areas but their cultivation is also possible in the gardens typical of the lowland areas where the climate is temperate. The raspberry plant grows up to an altitude of 2.000 meters on a limestone and permeable soil, its fruits usually ripen between July and August.

In the Mediterranean areas, specifically in Italy and Greece, raspberries have been cultivated since 16th century. It seems that at that time it was even recommended to pregnant women because it was believed that this fruit had the property to avert the risk of abortion.

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    • Name: The recipe of Raspberry sorbet
    • Intro:

      The raspberry sorbet is one of the best and most beautiful sorbets you can make. The color of this sorbet will bewitch everyone! The preparation is very simple... In addition, the raspberry, a small delicious red fruit, is rich in antioxidants and has innumerable beneficial properties.

    • Ingredients:
      • 250 g of raspberries
      • 150 g of water
      • 100 g of sugar
    • Method:

      The raspberry sorbet is very easy to prepare. Carefully wash the raspberries and place them in the immersion mixer glass together with the water and the sugar and blend well.

      When the mixture is homogeneous, transfer it to a low, wide container that resists cold, put the container in the freezer and at regular intervals of 30 minutes mix the mixture with a spoon, this will ensure that the surface does not crystallize.

      Repeat the operation at regular intervals for at least 6 hours. The raspberry sorbet must appear creamy and without sugar crystals.

      Serve with a tuft of mint.